Authohaus of Peoria​​

Bob Lindsay Acura

Bob Lindsay Honda

Estate of John S Ilsley

Joanne Gorman

Green Finish Line Ford

Lexus of Peoria

Mike Miller Auto Park

Mike Murphy Ford

Joe Napoli

Prairie Home Alliance

Riverside Chevrolet

Sam Leman of Peoria

Scherer Mazda

Gerald and Pam Shaheen

Glen and Laura Sidler

Velde Cadillac Buick GMC

Velde Lincoln Volvo​



Allied Lock and Safe

Kelly Glass Inc

Glen and Ann Argall

David and Mary Anne Armitage

James and Lou Baldwin

Gary and Vicki Baumgarten

Ron Baurer

Becker Companies

Steve and Kim Belser

Jeff Bonick

Centre Pointe Consulting Group

Chad and Kayla Clift

Brian and Pamela Cohen

Connor Co.

James and Susan Davis

Ray Dennison

Crebo and Kevin Doran

Matt and Meghan Dries

Quinn, Johnston, Henderson & Pretorius

The Federal Companies

Dean and Sara Heinzmann

Morton Community Bank

Mike and Ann Rea

Steve and Greta Kelly

Jim Kelly

KJM Construction

William Kohlhase

Kriegsman Transfer Company

Dick and Nancy Lingenfelter

Jeff Long

Zach McAllister

Jonathan and Sharon Michael

Jim and Linda Mosher

Doug and Teresa Myers

Mark and Ellen Oberle

John Pearl

John and Sandra Peters

Ray and Lou Picl

Rick and Melanie Picl


Michael and Kristi Rieker

William and Nancy Rodier

Robert and Marsha Salzenstein

Skip and Debbie Schermerhorn

Saint Francis Inc.

Design Plus Industries

Jeff Sepich

James Stevenson

David and Marcie Stuckel

Tucker and Margaret Szold

Unland Companies

Paul Unruh

Rick and Emma Vandeveer

William Voorhees

Brian and Lecia Wardle

Charles and Laurie Weaver

Donald and Barbara Western

PHD Services

Vincent and Jordan Wieland

J. Michael and Patricia Withers

Craig and Gayle Young


A-Advance Ambulance

Jeff and Bonnie Alexander

Charles and Gaynell Barton

Sandra and Steve Borge

Stan and Maryann Bugaieski

Gloria Carney

Randall and Donna Carney

Tate and Cathleen Chambers

Sandra Chatwood

Cohen Development Co.

Don and Carolyn Davis

Dan and Vickie Dickerson

Brad and Jessica Eskridge

Alan and Pamela Goode

Mitch Griffin and Jill Attaway

Brad and Pat Hall

Miller, Hall and Triggs

Scott and Diane Hedden

Paul and Renae Heuerman

Jake and Lee Ann Heuser

Justin Hillman

Ipava State Bank

Lynne Jalovec

Steven and Joy Kennell

Marshall and Nancy Lipkin

Cheri Maibach

Manufacturing Maintenance Solutions

Mike and Julie McCarthy

Pat and Erin McCarthy

Nathan and Sherry Miller

Diane Moore

Paulston Properties LLC

Rick's TV and Appliances

William and Susan Riebel

Tina Saad

Matt and Beth Salmon

Tootie Schmidt

A.J. Mike Schwindenhammer

James and Jane Shadid

Brian and Trisha Shouse

David and Victoria Siegle

Anna Steiner

Michael and Colleen Thornton

Dean and Mary Jane Wettstein

Mary and Harry Whitaker


Lynn and Debora Banta

James Berry

Michael and Wendy Boylan

Kenneth Casper

Clarence and Rosemary Christe

Daniel Crusen

Tim and Jan Cunningham

Patricia and Craig Dahlquist

James and Margaret Debord

Joe and Joyce DeBruyn

Edwin and Mary Ehrgott

Mark and Jane Feltenstein

Rick and Sherry Gaa

Thomas and Judy Gross

Gary and Farole Haluska

Steven and Laura Hart

Howard and Jomarilyn Hartke

William and Roberta Herbst

Dale and Helen Hibschman

Joel Hill

Gene and Sally Hoerr

Henry and Sharon Holling

M. Jane and Robert Hunt

Brian and Denise Ketterer

W.A. Kiefer

William and Elaine Killus

Richard and Marlene Klaus

Alan and Sue Knollenberg

Steve and Angela Kouri

Richard and Benna Lecrone

Gordon and Patricia Linn

Bill McCarthy

Dennis and Gale McClain

Robert and Chris McGann

Bill and Linda Meritt

Delores Metzger

Dennis and Sandra Mitchell

Dennis and Sandra Mitchell

Shane and Jessica Mitchell

Rodger Moon

Charles Morgan

Harry Myetich

Kent and Bonnie Noble

Elmer and Judith Oelkers

Larry and Sue Overcash

Philip Ponicsan

Vivien Poniscan

Howie and Pat Proehl

Kenneth and Carole Ray

John and Shirley Rellihan

Keith Reynolds

William and Dolores Robertson

William and Linda Robinson

Jim and Deb Rochford

Art and Joanne Rohman

John and Mary Ruff

Scott Russell

Roger and Mary Ryia

Robert and Sandra Scheffler

Joel and Jenny Schwartz

Gene and Rebecca Sidler

Pepsi Beverage Company

Dave Snell

Mark  Steenhoek

Excel Foundry & Machine

Susie Stockman

Bud Stone

Independent Sports Club

David  Streitmatter

Fred Stuber

James and Barbara Sumner

Ted and Heather Sumner

Temco Heating and Air Conditioning

Thomas and Joyce Trager

Trimble Enterprises

Joe and Kay Vespa

Kevin and Beth Walker

Gerald and Judy Waltz

NE and Betty Whitehurst

David Whitehurst

P&W Builders

Robert Wilkes

Kevin Zook



Greg and Lisa Abbott

Danny and Sarah Adams

William and Pam Albers

James Alberts

Marty and Sheri Alexander

Bob Alonzo

Embassy Suites

Gary and Barb Anna

George Antonacci

Alan and Carolyn Bachler

Scott and Brenda Bahorik

James and Carole Barr

Stephen and Patti Bash

Mark and Jean Beccue

Don and Jill Bell

Gilbert and Maria Bell

Prairie Farms

Steve and Marie Bishop

Kenneth Blair

Alan and Sherry Bliss

Roger and Helen Bloom

Dan and Susie Boian

David and Mary Bowers

Janet and David Bradley

Thomas Brandt

Chris Braun

John and Angela Brock

Gerry and Donna Brookhart

Delbert and Mary Ellen Brooks

Paul and Judy Brown

Roger and Linda Broyhill

Tim and Kim Brunton

Robert and Linda Cafferty

Elaine Callender

Jerry and Lois Carmody

Tom and Vicki Carney

James Carter

Stephen and Susan Carver

Pat and Jodi Cassady

Michael Chitwood

Classy Grass, Inc.

Larry and Patricia Clemens

Maureen and Mark Cluskey

Dean and Kathy Costello

Lisa Crawford

Dennis and Paula Crawford

David and Frances Crouch

Lindsay Crusen

Dan and Janice Cunningham

David and Cheryl Cunningham

Craig and Leah Curtis

Doug and Wendy Davis

Kenneth and Joyce Dawson

Dan and Diane Day

Caryl D'hondt

Elvis and Mary Pat Dominguez

Dontech Publishing

Jerry and Betty Doubet

Christine Drier

Sue and Jerry DuBois

Bernie and Pat Dwyer

Joseph and Barbara Emanuel

Emcor Hyre Electric Co

Grant Escue

Michael and Mary Lou Evans

Michael and Donna Farraher

Tom and Nancy Feldman

Fred and Ruth Filip

Robert Flint

Kent and Lynne Folkerts

Earl and Jeanine Franks

Greg and Linda Frary

Charles and Lorna

Steve Gasser

Jan and Bob Gestrine

Geyer Trust

Rich and Peggy Giebelhausen

Wayne and Sue Goetz

Andrea Gorski

Chuck Greiner

Dellis and Gwen Grogg

Lindsey Pierson

Ron and Carolyn Guariglia

Daniel and Kara Haney

Joe and Janet Haning

Clifford and Betty Hasselbacher

Rosalind and Ronald Helms

Gary and Brenda Heriford

Brad and Beth Heuerman

Shaun and Leah Heuerman

Leslie and Michael Hillis

Jack Hinton

Joe and JoAnne Hoerr

Chip Hollingsworth

Geraldine Howard

Bob and Carlene Huston

Rick Hutchison

Illinois American Water Company

Earl Isenberg

Mike and Ginger Jacocks

Robert and Patricia Janssen

Myron and Karen Janssen

John and Kelli Janssen

Arlan and Martie Janssen

Jen and Jeff Jones

Norma Just and Gregory Lawson

Joe and Patricia Kappes

Herb Kasube

Carl Kath

John Keller

Kemp Manufacturing

Todd and Amy Kennedy

Joseph and Patricia Kennell

Paul and Elizabeth King

Elizabeth Baum

Stewart and Gigi Kinkade

John and Lori Kinney

George and Lisa Kokos

Joe and M. Caroline Kozlevcar

Henry and Glenda Kruse

Mike Leach

Ronnie and Lynette Lee

Rick and Kim Lehew

David and Lisa Liddle

Bill and Carol Litwiller

Terry Livingston

Angie and Jon Margaris

Harold Master

Jeannie and Steven McAllister

Dan and Rae Lyn McCormick

Judge McDade

Robert and Norma McIntyre

Bobbie Meals

John and Eleanor Meister

Gordon Menk

Michael and Mary Menke

Tom and Sheryl Menold

Joey and Kim Metzloff

Doug and Mary Miller

Ronald and Lana Miller

Alan and Charlene Misener

Ronald and Cindy Moore

Donald and Darlene Moran

Sherri and Andy Morris

Paul and Sue Mroz

Jan and Patti Mueller

Kathy Muenks

DLM Trucking

Steven and Billie Munge

Robert and Kimberly Murray

Marjorie Neff

Tom and Kathy Nelson

David and Kathy Nixon

Tim and Carol Noll

Stanley and Darlene O'Kraski

Deno Ori

Kalju and Carmen Paar

Stephen and Michelle Peterson

Sidney and Sandra Peterson

Christopher Peterson

Stephen and Paula Petrany

Randy and Marsha Pierson

Ryan Pierson

Aimee Peek

James and Vicki Pittman

Demetra Polites

Ed Proehl

Max and Carolyn Prusak

Ken Pyles

Dean and Priscilla Rademaker

Toni and Christopher Randall

Ranson and Ranson

Keith and Carole Rassi

Tim and Vicki Reader

Gleneta Reaugh

Dennis Reed

Robert and Karen Reedy

Marianne and Jeffrey Rees

Eric and Linda Richards

Eric and Jennifer Richrath

Jim and Jane Rieker

Alex and Nancy Rinehart

William and Patricia Rinehart

Senator Dale and Joyce Risinger

John Riter and Stephanie Bussey

Alvin and JoAnn Roe

Michael and Catherine Roling

Gary and Kathy Rosenbohm

Matt Roth

George and Iris Rothan

Darren Rusakiewicz

Ed and Carole Saad

Steven and Evelyn Salata

Edward and Joan Sattler

Harold and Nadine Sauer

Ron and Delores Scalf

Scott and Debra Schepke

Charles  Schierer

Emmett Schleich

Martha and Henry Schmitt

Allyson Schneider

Richard and Helen Schrimp

George and Rita Seiz

Rick Semonis

Dave and Carol Sharp

Mercedes Restaurant

Susan Shover

Thomas and Lynne Simpson

Becky & Jerry Snyder

Theodore and Linda Stahler

Chuck Staley

David and Marie Stark

Hedy Stone

Jack and Judy Stromberger

Ben Studebaker

Bob Sullivan

Bob Swartz

Jerry and Sara Sweet

Randall and Julie Swenson

L Rashod Taylor

Lori Thiele

Daniel and Julie Thomas

Max Thompson

Cristine and Virgil Thrall

Brad and Kelley Tilly

FireStream Worldwide Inc

Richard Unes

Bryce and Melissa Unruh

John and Lynn Uphoff

Jim and Susan VanHootegem

Vanis Management LLC

Walz Mailing Systems

Waugh Foods

William and Diana Weber

Lorin and Rebecca Whittaker

Winne Law Office

Roger Wright

Cornell Wright Jr.

Larry and Roberta Ziegler

Phil and Kelly Zobrist

Joe and Regina Zobrist

Richard and Karen Zuckerman


Ronald and Rozanne Aberle

Drew Adams

Lynn and Jeff Anderson

Michael Bargen

Whitney Bauer-Winkels

William and Sharon Bell

Paul Bender

James Bradshaw

Abigail and Therin Bradshaw

Beverly and Theron Bradshaw

Joe Burger

Claxton and Marianne Cantrell

Tom and Paula Christiansen

Thomas and Nancy Claude

Ken and Mary Cochennour

Kathryn and Ed Counsil

Debra Cribbs

James and Martha Dallmeyer

Doerr Siding

Law Office of Chris Doscotch

Jane and Darell Eastman

Shelley and Marianne Epstein

Jean Escue

Jimmie Foster

John and Stephanie Franks

Darren Gauson

George and Audrey Gee

Linda Gess

Todd and Yvette Goforth

Dennis Green

Kim and Doug Green

Christena Hamilton

Jhavon Hamilton

Don and Irene Hasenstein

Wendy Haste

Amy Hayes and Heather Moles

Benet Higgs

Dean and Carol Hild

Joann Homann

Philip and Selby Horton

Patricia and Tim Howard

Hughes Engines Inc.

Roger Ivins

Larry and Janet Jordan

Anthony and Gerilyn Kegley

Bruce and Mary Jane Kimbrell

Ed and Mary King

John and Mary Ann Lankton

Russell Lankton Construction Co.

Lori Luthy

Harriet Maddock

Charles Maher

Kristin Mason

Charles and Debroah Maubach

Karen and Jerry McKnight

Lou McMurray

Scott  Mebruer

Jon and Bette Michael

Terry and Sally Miller

Angela Mirande

James Morton

Richard and Theresa Moser

Frank and Carla Nettles

Nicholas and Sandra Nott

Andrea and Bryan Parker

Bobby and Rhonda Parker

Chris Pasold

Larry and Sylvia Perryman

Julie and James Peterson

Kenneth and Carolyn Peterson

Robert and Gail Polonus

Joe Puntoni

Michael and Mary Purcell

Thomas Rashid

Gail Reynolds

Robert and Susan Rhodes

Alex  Richarson

Nancy A Ridgeway

Jeff and Jennifer Roche

Frank and Janet Ruffatto

Gilbert and Mary Russell

Bob and Dar Schimmelpfenning

Marvin and Janet Schneider

Richard and Shirley Schwab

Robert and Barbara Shane

Cindy and Mike Smits

Doug and Beck Stokes

Darmon and Mary Swanson

George Swords

Jeff and Mary Tassart

Timothy and Gail Thompson

Neil and Cynthia Tousley

Tim Tucker

Dorothy Turchi

Evelyn Turner

Heather and Michael Turton

Matt and Erin Tyler

Michael  Waldo

Timothy Walters

Jan and Mel Wells

Mary Fran and Kirk Wessler

Max and Ardith Wessler

Stephen West

James and Judy Wheat

Bruce and Catherine Whelchel

Joe and Emily Whitson

Ralph and Phyllis Yerby

Ladonna Zipprich


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